“Do you believe that the U. S. is a Country?”


If you do, You’ve been misled.


Who me???

Yeah! You. But you already know this and that’s why you’re here…


The “U.S.” is not a country, and it is not a state, and it is not to be confused with the actual fifty separate States of the American Union or the American People. Sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? Especially since you and everyone else that was publicly educated and glued to T.V. during the 20th Century, have been programmed all your lives to answer yes to “are you a U.S. citizen” on all those applications for favors from “the government”.


“So if it’s not a country, what exactly is the ‘U.S.’ ?”


It’s a corporation! It only has the power to regulate its subscriber corporations and they’re all governed by the laws of commerce, the common law and international treaties.

You can see by the size of the National Debt that the U.S. is a bankrupt corporation which is in debt to principals foreign to the American Union of Fifty States and “We the People”. 

The U.S. Corporation is in debt to foreign bankers, and has been taxing the American People for a ride for over a century now.

The U.S. government only has authority over it’s member corporations, and “paper persons” like military volunteers, fictitious business names (A.K.A.) and birth certificate names.

“How did this happen?”

In 1871 congress incorporated under the business name “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” because they went broke from the Civil War. In order to re-build the nation, they had to borrow money from foreign investors. That takes a contract. In order to enter the contract, a corporation had to be formed…


A corporation IS NOT a country!


And it is not a sentient being!

Corporations do not have rights secured by the Constitution. In other words, If you claim to be a U.S. citizen you are in the public sector, presumed to be acting in a commercial or “dead” capacity. (dead people cannot claim rights)

What does this mean?

It means “the government” doesn’t own you.

Neither the U.S. corporation, nor any of its agents or agencies do either. “The government”  has no lawful authority over living beings, unless of course they want them to. Private Sovereign State Citizens that are acting in the capacity of human beings are exempt from U.S., State and Local laws, but their agents and agencies are not! Get it?

No? Kinda confusing?

Well, think of “The U.S.” as a big SCAM’S CLUB with membership privileges and lots of security guards and cashiers. Imagine if you were walking by a store and the cashier, standing in the doorway threw a t-shirt at you and said you had to pay for it and then the security guards for the store attacked you and dragged you into the store and made you sweep and mop and clean their toilets because you “did not comply” with buying the garment. That’s what they’re doing to you; forcing you to pay for stuff you don’t need and making you clean their jail toilets and mop their jail floors if you don’t. And, get this, most of the jails are now run by private corporations!!!

Legally, they don’t have any business telling the local cops on the street they have authority over anyone outside the store, but the cops on the street are some bizarre sub-species of mankind that is attracted to shiny objects and loud noises and love to hunt sentient beings and do them harm.

Here’s an example:


Now, we can’t be giving the sub-species guns anymore, simply because they walk on two feet and can pull triggers, because they like to unload their clips on people looking for cigarettes in their own cars in their own driveways in the middle of the night; kinda like this.


Pretty unbelievable isn’t it? And can you believe that English-speaking white ape with the shiny thing on his shirt is trying to convince the interviewer that it’s lawful to use sentient beings as target practice? What is the universe trying to tell you here?

Listen, these guys are criminals, out of control. They are not going to educate each other and put each other in jail because they are not humans. They look like humans but that’s not civilized behaviour!


It’s our job to educate the good ones and put the bad ones in prison. They belong in  our service, not Uncle Scam’s!



We’re not saying all cops are dumb as rocks.