What would happen if a public servant tried to exploit you?


Misunderstanding the law can be very costly. It can take food out of your child’s mouth, compromise your quality of life, is often times embarrassing and can even be downright humiliating. Unfortunately, almost everyone just goes along with what government employees tell them, whether they are right or wrong.

This can often lead to unnecessary and very costly taxes, licenses and fines. In fact, it is often such a bother to do legal research that nearly all ordinary Americans who get a ticket , whether they are right or wrong, consider it to be “more trouble than it’s worth to contest it.”

Discover the way the law really works in America!

By examining and applying all aspects of constitutional, commercial, and case law, which is the standing body of the “American Common Law”, TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU’RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook explains in plain American English how to enjoy private exemption from all public “policies” with a little paper shuffle just like the educated and the rich people do.

All the legal system really is, is a simple little paper shuffle… and it’s actually very easy to understand!


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