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What’s in the book?

In TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU’RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook we show you exactly how to understand Sovereign Citizenship and how you can rely on knowledge of the law to keep the “government” outof your private affairs. In exactly the manner that our founding fathers intended.

  • We explain in plain American English, the difference between your birth certificate “fictitious business name” and your real human “self” and how to draw the line between the two.
  • We show you how to take control of your name away from the government and other commercial agencies and take possession of it yourself.
  • We show you how to eliminate your legal troubles with simple strategy and paper filings. After all, on the record of the court it’s all paper anyway.
  • We show you how to protect your property , your family and your name from nosy neighbors, “government” predators and subcontracting agencies such as “CPS”.
  • We show you how to use your household gadgets to collect evidence to bust these pseudo-government and sub-contracting predators.
  • We show you how to establish an identity for your newborn children that is sovereign and immune to predatory agents and agencies.
  • Not only that but, we show you how to enter evidence to the official records to establish your case for a money claim in a counter-suit!
  • We show you how to influence your public servants to weed out government predators that are doing bad business within their jurisdictions.
  • As a matter fact, truth, and law, we’ve been challenging government fraud since 1991 without any difficulty and believe me, there’s always a way to beat bogus charges and fraud!
Discover the way law really works in America!

By examining and applying all aspects of constitutional, commercial, and case law, which is the standing body of the “American Common Law”, TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU’RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook explains in plain American English how to enjoy private exemption from all public “policies” with a little paper shuffle just like the educated and the rich people do. All the legal system really is, is a simple little paper shuffle… and it’s actually very easy to understand!