U.S. citizenship is not what you think it is!


Before the Civil War: there was only State Citizenship and a Confederated Union of independent Nation-States.

After the Civil War: “THE UNITED STATES” corporation was created (we show you the laws that prove it) and the 14th ammendment was passed to give corporate membership to freed slaves that had no birthright by law. Subsequently, freed slaves were granted 14th amendment immigrant citizenship to the “UNITED STATES” corporation, which now extends beyond the District of Columbia, and has contracts with and occupies the State Corporations under Maritime law (we show you the laws that prove it).


You should not be claiming U.S. citizenship!


If you are claiming U.S. citizenship, you’re committing fraud without even knowing it, and that’s how the “constitution is suspended” in the commercial law system.

Simply put, D.C. is not a State of the Union! UNITED STATES citizenship is for immigrants and volunteers. Interestingly enough, this is the very U.S. citizenship that most Americans claim today, essentially the equivalent of immigrant status.

It’s a plain and simple fact: If you are a human and were born in a State, you are a Sovereign State Citizen and should not be claiming U.S. citizenship. If a public employee tells you otherwise, they’ve committed a crime! It’s actually fraud and treason to try to trick you!



Peculiar use of the UNITED STATES CODE

Section 666 of Title 42 (the Social Security Act) (42 USC Sec. 666) …

… now requires every state, as a condition of Federal Revenue Sharing, to obtain “the number of your name” before you can receive any state services (e.g., a license to work, a license to drive, a license to marry).






Oh, what a nice gift. They must really care about you!!!


Just say “No, thank you!” to the Mark of the Beast!


The under the skin implantable micro-chip is now being used in the U.S. military, hospitals and other institutions to keep records and track their “property”.

This chip blurs the line between paper and Sovereign personhood making all volunteers property of the Corporation that owns the chip.


“How can I protect myself from madness!?”


If you are asking this question, you’re headed in the right direction!


For the safety of the American People, © H.I.R.M. J.M. Sovereign: Godsent ™ in conjunction with The Church of Sovereigns and Sovereignty Press has compiled a plain English handbook that shows you how “government” employees are trained to be predators and how to keep them from exploiting you! It is specifically written to help the average American protect him/herself from government employees who treat humans like slaves.



Don’t worry, you are not alone…


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